Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spring Cleaning

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Images pass before me
as I sit in the humid stillness
that soaking rain has not washed away
If Soul Food vanished,
if my words disappeared
Would I be the same?
Same person I was

Stopping to question
attachments to material things
Do I need the things that surround me?
Who would I be
If I abandoned some of the things
To which I have become attached?

I look and wonder
who would I be?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Woman at the Crossroads

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No one is sure who she is but, despite the wind's concern, she is coming.

Woman at the Crossroads

Follow the way
the wind blows
like a feather
weightlessly buoyant.

Follow your heart
its desire
pulling heartstrings
like a lovers
gentle caress.

Follow your creativity
it may take you
like a journeying

Follow the path
at the crossroads
that which you must
only you
will know.

© Megan Warren 11 January 2006